Mission Trips

Mission trips  great personal discipleship journey as well as an important necessity for communities where people have great physical, emotional and spiritual needs. 

The main purpose of mission trips is not to build houses, or run Vacation Bible Schools, or provide medical services—although these are good tasks. The most important thing we do is build relationships, plant the seeds of faith, provide hope, and share the healing love of Jesus Christ. Through our mere presence in a place, we communicate our faith in Jesus Christ because it is in His name that we come!  

Toronto Refresh 2019

July 20-27 2019

Refresh is a unique program designed to create a strong sense of community, restore local pride, and improve the living conditions of those living in homes provided by Toronto Community Housing. The Mission Team will join forces with residents to paint the interior of their homes, eat together, and provide a variety of volunteer services designed to develop a network of neighborhood support. We may also be working on some other work projects.

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