Servant Evangelism

At Quest, the purpose of of our monthly servant evangelism projects is to show God’s love by doing acts of kindness for anyone and everyone without asking or accepting anything in return. An example of servant evangelism could be something as simple as handing out free water bottles on a hot day or dropping off boxes of cookies to people that have to work on Christmas Eve.  

Servant Evangelism is about “going to them” rather than “waiting for them to come to us.” It enables us to reach people where they are and expose them to Christians showing God’s love in unmistakable and non-threatening ways.

Servant evangelism has the potential to soften people’s hearts, enabling them to hear and receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a good way to “water” seeds previously sown.

Serving Others - Changes Them & Us

Serving others gives us the opportunity to tell about God’s love. When someone asks us why we’re doing what we’re doing, it gives us the opportunity to point to Christ.

Through servant evangelism, we, the Church, show people outside the church that God cares and to give them a reason to want to come inside. 

When we serve others, we benefit as well.

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